The BioStill 2000


When the serious essential oils farmers have reached the 5 to 30 ha capacity the BioStill2000 becomes the indispensable tool to reaching agricultural viability. Designed for the larger volumes of plant matter of up to 20 tons per ha. Suitable for the leafy lavender, rosemary, thyme, rose geranium, spear mint varieties. But not limited to these.

One such unit has been extensively used for the past 20 years with total satisfaction. 50% of the essential oil quality is determined by a combination of correct genetic variety of essential oil-bearing plant matter and good plant husbandry but the other 50% is no mystery but the efficient distillation of ripe plant matter and the scientifically researched and proven BioStill 2000 design.

BioStill 2000 with 1 boiler and 1 pot costs R198,000

BioStill 2000 with 1 boiler and 2 pots costs R298,000

A complete BioStill 2000 with 1 boiler and 3 pots costs R398,000

Add a chipper and a con belt to pots for R180 000 installed

A BioStill 2000 comes complete with all pumps and cooling

The BioStill 2000 is made from Stainless steel

Large Steam Diatillation Units

It includes:

2000 litre retort with lid

Condenser and pump with water cooler

Oil separator

Optional BioMass Steam generator up to 6 bar pressure

Optional Extras for BioStills

Commissioning on site

Trailer mounting

Cooling Tower

Feeding Conveyor Belt


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