Over the last 20 years BioAfrica extracted and distilled more than 800,000 tons of plant matter

Solvent vs Steam Distillation


Sometimes the fragrance present in plant matter may be broken-down by high temperature steam distillation. Ethanol and other hydrocarbons extract volatile compounds without degrading these in the process. The BioSol extracts the solvents leaving volatile/flavour molecules with chlorophyll and other plant waxes resulting in a highly concentrated and viscous extract. These concretes tend to be more stable and enduring than essential oils.

The BioSol extractor is a fun and exciting way to produce your own essential oils for medical home use. The BioSol is specifically designed to distill for all types of heavy concrete essential oils, like calendula, sage, cannabis and rose oils.

The BioSol is a turn-key unit, complete with cooling tower, condenser and Solvent extraction unit fully insulated to save energy for a better environment.

BioSol is available in various custom-built sizes with a plethora of options and addons.

Environmentally friendly and Cost effective


The BioSol saves you money as the hydrocarbon solvents are recycled and distilled off in pure concentrations. Up to 95% of the ethanol solvents are reclaimed this is a major saving as pure Ethanol often has high rates of tax increasing the cost.

Once the hydrocarbon solvents have been distilled off, we are left with a high grade concentrated concrete oil. This will then be diluted and used for manufacturing tinctures and carrier oil solutions.

The BioSol doubles up as a hydrocarbon distillation unit that can be used to distill your own Ethanol from fermented mash. This purest organic ethanol reduces costs further and the water-based heating system eliminates any form of burning or damaging the essential or concrete oils.

Recycles 95% of ethanol solvents for re use and cost saving

Extracting High quality and High value Medical oils

Energy efficient and User friendly

Short Path Distillation

short path distillation

Short path distillation is widely used in Pharmaceutical industry, laboratory fractional distillation, purification and refinement of essential oils and CBD oils extraction. It is mainly used for enrichment, crystallization, drying, separation, drug, solvent recycling, bio-pharmaceutical industry. Under vacuum conditions, it is heated at a constant speed to form a large-area thin film on the cylinder wall to increase the evaporation efficiency. Our home use BioSol CBD unit uses this technique for the purest commercially viable heavy concrete oil extraction.

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