Custom Manufacturing


If our standard range is not quite the right fit then we can make one that is!

BioAfrica have built many bespoke distillation systems for companies, farms, villages, churches and individuals to cover all bespoke distillation needs. Have a look at some of our action shots of a recent commission

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Installation Commission

Custom Build

BioAfrica not only manufacture distillation equipment and accessories but also provide end to end services from manufacturing to installation

In this installation we installed multiple boilers and BioStills as well as customising the barn to make this just as the client wanted.

Happy Times

Custom Build

Our team love getting let out of the workshops and had a such a wonderful time delivering this custom installation, chiefly due to the amazing hospitality received, that straws now have to be drawn to see who gets to go on our installations. Who needs motivational team outings when you have such great workers and clients like ours.

Boiler Building

Custom Build

We work long hard hours but when you love your job even the brickwork to enclose our boiler is built to the highest standards.

Looking good

Boiler Build

There's nothing like standing back and admiring another job well done, even if it is a small part of the entire process

Double Distillation

Custom Build

A double boiler and still setup is particularly popular for the larger farm to ensure one biostill is in use at all times while you refill the next one. Some clients prefer this in order to maximise running the stills 24/7 for the highest quality essential oils

Finishing touches

Boiler Build

Whe the job is this close to being finished it's impossible to not just watch and wait.

All done!

Boiler Build

Naturally the client get's to light the first flame and embark on a new essential oil journey.