The BioStill 50

3 hours distillation time


The highest prices are paid for quality essential oils. Distilling a sample for the market using your BioStill 50 is the most scientific and accurate method to determine oil quality and oil yield. To overcome this guessing game a BioStill 50 is well suited for the beginner and the expert as it determines all oil indicators.

The 50 litre volume stainless steel retorts is insulated and clad with Aluminium. This is large enough to distill about 10 kg wet and up to 20 kg dried flowers for a representative sample. The unit is perfect for smaller high value crops like rose petals or Ylang Ylang

The BioStill 50 requires 50 litres of water for cooling the condenser.

0.1m3 of plant matter is burned for 24 hours to generate steam

Cleaned in a few minutes with a solvent to change from crop to crop

A complete BioStill 50 costs R50,000

BioStill 50 Facts

The retort is 500mm wide and 750mm high

It consumes about 2.5 kw of single-phase electricity per hour and can be run off a generator

It easily fits into the boot of a small car

Ideal for working in remote areas for sampling

Included for the complete unit, comprising of Retort Condenser Separator and Steam generator, (Here options for Biomass, electric or Gas fired)

Optional Extras for BioStills

Commissioning on site

Trailer mounting

Cooling Tower


BioStill 50 too small for you

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